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About Us


I love to capture the beauty in life: the precious sigh of a newborn, the devoted love of a mother, the tear in a grandfather’s eye at a dance recital. There are so many moments that escape us every day that we will never get back, but will carry with us in our hearts. I cherish the photographs of my family, of those that have been lost and those I see every single day: the glimmer of trickery in my toddler’s eye as he sees the kitty, the look of utter happiness on my dad’s face as he looks at my mother. Photos are a way for us to hang on to the memories. They capture a brief moment in time when things looked and felt a certain way. Whether there is a special day you want to have captured or a moment in time that you’d like to remember, I would love to be the one with a camera in hand, witnessing your moment and helping you preserve it for decades to come.


My amazing husband takes the most beautiful pictures.  When you are browsing through the website, take a minute to look in the "Nature" and "Urban" sections.  Those are his photographs.  He captures remarkable images.  


Many people prefer to have a photography team for weddings.  We are that team.  I take the portraits, he takes the candids.  While standing off to the side, he is quiet and respectful and when you see the finished product, you will be amazed.  We work well together and feel so lucky to share in this passion.  TAB photo came about as a way of grouping us together- Travis And Brighid.  We love what we do and we know that you will too.  

Photography Services

Let me share in your special moment! Important events,  portraits, weddings, family, architecture, and nature. Please  have a look at the galleries on the site for some examples that I am especially proud of.

Appointments and Pricing

Family and individual portraits start at $150

Weddings start at $500

There are just so many variables, and everyone is different. Shoot me an email so we can connect and talk about  what might work best for your special moment!